49 Amazing Hand Painting Arts

In this article, I would like to share some very nice hand art pictures where people manage to use their hands to mimic almost all the animals as well as a lot of cute human gestures. Together with some paintings on the hand, the artist has made their hands become so interactive and so real.


A very cute band director using right hand

Prepare to run using two hands

A White chicken using two hands

A White Rabbit with one hand

A Red Crane with one hand

A Peacock with two hands

Another cute guy playing piano by right hand

Cute weight lifting with right hand

Rowing from the back with right hand

A cute Zebra with right hand

Football goal with only right hand ( amazing )

Blanket sharing using leg :)

A Giraffe with left hand

Owl’s eyes with two hands

Parrots with three hands

A Dog

A green Snake with 2 teeths

A Pen? with one finger :)


The Globe with two hands

An Eagle with two hands

A Tiger with left hand

An Elephant with right hand


Another Dog using left hand

A Heron using right hand

A Tiger is thinking using left hand

Another Eagle using two hands

A Tiger using left hand

A Leopard by left hand

A lying Elephant by left hand

A Crocodile by right hand

A cute Dog by left hand

A very real Elephant by left hand

An Eagle Head by left hand

A swan by left hand

A fierce Eagle by left hand

A Cat’s face by left hand

A Cat’s head by left hand

A Giraffe’s face by right hand

An Owl by left hand


A looking forward Dog by left hand


A Man’s face by … a lot of hands


A Snake by left hand

A Parrot by left hand

A Red Crane by left hand

A Tree ( 0_0 ) by two hands

A brown Dog by left hand

A Lion’s face by right hand

A Horse’s face by left hand


Another snake by left hand

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15 Responses to “49 Amazing Hand Painting Arts”

  1. J5 says:

    excellent work with hands,hope 2 see more of ur gr8 creations further.

  2. gabby says:



  3. Shahnawaz says:

    It’s amazing, I’ll blog it on my website and redirect to here for more…

  4. SSStar says:

    this is a lot!! and it’s amazing.. :D
    i don’t really know how to express my feelings to this post. it’s just sooooo amazing.. THANKS!!

  5. SSStar says:

    oh. and there are A LOT more new photos that i’ve never seen before.. i’ve only see half of the animal photos here… and all others are new.. ^^

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  9. Yousaf says:

    very very cute and fantastic pictures

    find more

  10. Yousaf says:

    Great painting. very very cute and fantastic pictures painting on hand

    watch more


  11. Yousaf says:

    very nice painting

  12. luc says:

    I was wondering if there was any copyright on using the pictures. I wanted to use the picture of the two hands making a globe in a (not for profit, non marketing) brochure for employees in regards to violence prevention. Do you have any idea where I could get permission?

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