Obfuscated C Code Contest

The International Obfuscated C Code Contest is a contest for people to write unusual C code to stress test the C compiler. It is a very interesting competition where people submit their C codes for judging. In this entries I would like to highlight some winning entries which manage to organize their code as a very nice image yet meaningful to the content that the code generated ( like n! entry ). Enjoy!!!


According to the author, the program below is a small ray-tracer and does not use any C keywords (shocked!) as a program using keywords when printing will need to use more ink because of the boldness of the keywords. You can also see the word IOCCC RAY hidden in the midst of the code. Very inspiring! More details about this winning entry could be found here

X=1024; Y=768; A=3;

"31/531/53"[b ]-64;S=b<22?9:0;D=2;}I(x,Y,X){Y?(X^=Y,X*X>x?(X^=Y):0,  I (x,Y/2,X
)):(E=X);      }H(x){I(x,    _,0);}p;q(        c,x,y,z,k,l,m,a,          b){F(c
);x-=E*M     ;y-=S*M           ;z-=C*M         ;b=x*       x/M+         y*y/M+z
*z/M-D*D    *M;a=-x              *k/M     -y*l/M-z        *m/M;    p=((b=a*a/M-
b)>=0?(I    (b*M,_      ,0),b    =E,      a+(a>b      ?-b:b)):     -1.0);}Z;W;o
(c,x,y,     z,k,l,    m,a){Z=!    c?      -1:Z;c     <44?(q(c,x         ,y,z,k,
l,m,0,0     ),(p>      0&&c!=     a&&        (p<W         ||Z<0)          )?(W=
p,Z=c):     0,o(c+         1,    x,y,z,        k,l,          m,a)):0     ;}Q;T;
U;u;v;w    ;n(e,f,g,            h,i,j,d,a,    b,V){o(0      ,e,f,g,h,i,j,a);d>0
&&Z>=0? (e+=h*W/M,f+=i*W/M,g+=j*W/M,F(Z),u=e-E*M,v=f-S*M,w=g-C*M,b=(-2*u-2*v+w)
,Z,0,0),Q/=2,T/=2,       U/=2,V=V<22?7:  (V<30?1:(V<38?2:(V<44?4:(V==44?6:3))))
,Q+=V&1?b:0,T                +=V&2?b        :0,U+=V    &4?b:0)     :(d==P?(g+=2
,j=g>0?g/8:g/     20):0,j    >0?(U=     j    *j/M,Q      =255-    250*U/M,T=255
-150*U/M,U=255    -100    *U/M):(U    =j*j     /M,U<M           /5?(Q=255-210*U
/M,T=255-435*U           /M,U=255    -720*      U/M):(U       -=M/5,Q=213-110*U
/M,T=168-113*U    /       M,U=111               -85*U/M)      ),d!=P?(Q/=2,T/=2
,U/=2):0);Q=Q<    0?0:      Q>O?     O:          Q;T=T<0?    0:T>O?O:T;U=U<0?0:
U>O?O:U;}R;G;B    ;t(x,y     ,a,    b){n(M*J+M    *40*(A*x   +a)/X/A-M*20,M*K,M
*L-M*30*(A*y+b)/Y/A+M*15,0,M,0,P,  -1,0,0);R+=Q    ;G+=T;B   +=U;++a<A?t(x,y,a,
/A/A,B/A/A),r(x+1,y)):0;}s(y){r(0,--y?s(y),y:y);}main(){printf("P6\n%i %i\n255"


49 Amazing Hand Painting Arts

In this article, I would like to share some very nice hand art pictures where people manage to use their hands to mimic almost all the animals as well as a lot of cute human gestures. Together with some paintings on the hand, the artist has made their hands become so interactive and so real.


A very cute band director using right hand

Prepare to run using two hands


Google Chrome Beta Review

I have downloaded and tried out Google Chrome just after it releases. The first feeling is that Google Chrome interface is nice and eyes pleasing. They layout is simple enough to be used as Google Chrome manages to eliminate Search Bar, Menu Bar.

The main layout uses dark blue color for the tab background and light blue for tabs themselves. One quite new thing in Google Chrome interface is that Google Chrome puts the tab over the address bar instead of under address bar like what other web browsers are doing. Overall, I am quite comfortable with this new browser although I have only used for about half a day.


Google Chrome Web Browser Is Released tomorrow

I am really surprised when Google announces this news. A new web browser released by big favorite G company will be in Windows platform tomorrow. According to Google, Google Chrome will be
available on Mac OS and Linux very soon after this release. This new web browser is an open source, utilizing the core of Apple’s WebKit and Mozilla’s Firefox and will be very promising.

30+ Nicest Table CSS Designs You Can Apply Into Your Project

Table is a very basic thing in HTML and website building. Many times, when I encounter a table in my project, I usually need to find out a way to style the table to make it nice and be suitable with the website. Fortunately, a lot of techniques and designs of table are already available on the web together with tutorials teaching people to build a very neat and nice table. In this article, I would like to introduce those techniques and designs so that you can refer to when you need to apply one of them into your project.

Let’s start from neat & simple designs from http://fluidmind.org


This design is a very simple design. However, it manages to change all the default border of a table and add in 1px border to make the table nice and neat to view.

This design improves from the first one by adding in the background color and make the table easy to see vertically.

This design improves the horizontal readability and enhances the view by making the header color outstanding from the rest of the table.


40+ Ubuntu Killing Desktop Wallpapers

I am a big Fan of Ubuntu Linux and I really like the idea of Ubuntu as well as Ubuntu Logo. Usually, I change the wallpaper a lot as I always get bored to the wall paper after a while looking into it. In this article, I would like to share the nicest Ubuntu Wallpapers that I managed to collect on the internet. Each of the wallpaper here has a very cool and different styled Ubuntu icon! Enjoy =)

Full Screen Wallpaper


5 Very Handy Javascript Techniques

Using with keyword to shorten your code

“with” keyword becomes extremely handy when you need to use many attributes of an object without keep calling the object

var house = {
     paint: "blue",
     size: "big",
     hasYard: true,
     numberOfLivingRooms: 2,
     numberOfStoreRooms: 1,
     numberOfBedRooms: 4,
     numberOfKitchen: 3,
     masterArea: {
           hasBedRooms: true,
           masterAreaBedRooms: 3


JSON Object - Powerful Javascript Notation Overview

I believe most of you have heard about using XML to store data. However, using JSON object to store data in Javascript is the most convenient way as JSON object is native in Javascript programming. An example of JSON object is as following