Inspiring, Remarkable Chair Designs

Chair has become one of our daily encounters, in offices, dining rooms or even in our own cubicles. Knowing this, designers are putting more efforts on inventing inspiring, fresh ideas for chair design.

Fubiz Creative Chair

One of those remarkable designs is this drawer chair. Besides functioning as a place to sit, this chair can also be utilized as a drawer. Very inspiring as I could say.

Seniora Fork Chair

This is absolutely an inspiring chair design. Improved by its fine texture, smooth curves and its fork-like shape, this chair would be the most suitable for your dining room, especially for you that keen on using spoon and fork.

Kotrmelec Chair

A remarkable chair design that uses the shape of the organic form and the uniqueness in design. Under the light, this chair shines all over the surface, making my eyes blinking.

Paper Mache Armchair

This creative newspaper-covered armchair is made by Majid Asif, a designer maybe. I wonder if he’s out of budget already or he’s just too inspired to make this kind of chair design.

Shopping Cart Chair

Frequently, we will see a couple, accompanied by their riding a shopping cart kid, shopping on the supermarket. Though so, the usual shopping cart won’t be that much of giving comfort to their kid. Maybe that’s what inspire Annie to design this shopping cart chair. What a relief!

Panda Chair

Having piles of unused CDs litters up the entire house won’t trouble you anymore. The designer behind this Panda Chair saves you from cluttered house by proposing this nifty chair design, made from stacks of CDs to brighten your house. Nice!

P’kolino’s Klick Puzzle Chair

People will love to have an all time ready to be wrapped chair. This puzzle chair just fits it. It won’t eat your space, it won’t drain your pocket but it will eat your body. Remarkable enough!

Valencia 4 Dinette Chair

Here, you will have the chair that will cool down your buttock all the time and fan out your boring days. Though I’m not sure it can do so, it looks promising.

The Bubble Chair

We’re no longer need those solid, uncomfortable chair design. Those old-fashioned chair would definitely break our ego as well as solidify our lovely buttocks.

Why not change to something new and inspiring, let’s say the Bubble Chair that will happily bounce your body?

3-in-1 Chair

It’s a table which has two chairs and another smaller table hidden inside. What a creative design by John Nouanesing!

Loopty-Loopy-Loopita Chair Design

Don’t see this chair as it’s really simple. This chair is made of red oack and covered with thick foam. And don’t expect it to handle the force of your hyperactive children, though it’s relatively expensive for my pocket.

Bath Chair

Introducing a really convenient chair that could afford you sitting and shitting at the same time, the Bath Chair!

The Worm Chair

I’m sure this will be the most remarkable chair design, especially to those who specially afraid of bugs. Just a quick info, this chair can creep like a dead worm!

Octopus Chair

This chair, made from recycled pairs of jeans, can keep you warm all the time because it can hug you tight with its hands (more than 2). Say, will your opposite partner feel jealous?

Shitty Chair?

This chair resembles a dog but at the same time also looks like biological trash. Uh nevermind… I’m sure you will remember this chair whenever you have the urge to go toilet.

Panda Chair

Have you ever imagined sitting on top of cute white skin black eyes pandas? This chair is the solution! By attaching bunch of pandas to a metal base, this chair is constructed.

For panda lovers, don’t worry, no pandas are harmed during the creation of this chair, not for real.

Light Up Chair

This giant douche bag chair while electrified can light up your ass. Should one pray for his ass, hoping that it won’t burn, while sitting on this chair?

Three-Head Chair

This is important to remember, don’t sneak out of your bedroom at night. You will be scared to pee on your pajama by simply looking at these three goats’ head.

I think the designer of this chair is joking, he won’t use real head for designing this chair, I believe.

Skull Chair

Amazing Skull Chair Design by Dutch artist Atelier Van Lieshout. This chair stands out of the crowd by not only its unique looking design but also its cosy sheepskin interior. Nice! | Digg it | StumbleUpon | BlinkBits | Furl | Ma.gnolia | Newsvine | Reddit

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