Inspiring, Remarkable Chair Designs

Chair has become one of our daily encounters, in offices, dining rooms or even in our own cubicles. Knowing this, designers are putting more efforts on inventing inspiring, fresh ideas for chair design.

Fubiz Creative Chair

One of those remarkable designs is this drawer chair. Besides functioning as a place to sit, this chair can also be utilized as a drawer. Very inspiring as I could say.


24 Nice Web Design Icons

This is the showcase for icon collections, that web developers and designer can use them for their work. The requirements of the icons for web will be more about simplicity, understandable metaphor and also light weight. I have collected the icons link below, these collection is strictly for web developer and its free.


30+ Nicest Table CSS Designs You Can Apply Into Your Project

Table is a very basic thing in HTML and website building. Many times, when I encounter a table in my project, I usually need to find out a way to style the table to make it nice and be suitable with the website. Fortunately, a lot of techniques and designs of table are already available on the web together with tutorials teaching people to build a very neat and nice table. In this article, I would like to introduce those techniques and designs so that you can refer to when you need to apply one of them into your project.

Let’s start from neat & simple designs from


This design is a very simple design. However, it manages to change all the default border of a table and add in 1px border to make the table nice and neat to view.

This design improves from the first one by adding in the background color and make the table easy to see vertically.

This design improves the horizontal readability and enhances the view by making the header color outstanding from the rest of the table.


40+ Creative, Funny 3D Cartoon Animal Wallpapers

Last time I have introduced to you some very artistic black and white photos. For this time, colorful pictures with funny, lively cartoon characters will be sure to make you feel relaxed. Enjoy!


40+ Ubuntu Killing Desktop Wallpapers

I am a big Fan of Ubuntu Linux and I really like the idea of Ubuntu as well as Ubuntu Logo. Usually, I change the wallpaper a lot as I always get bored to the wall paper after a while looking into it. In this article, I would like to share the nicest Ubuntu Wallpapers that I managed to collect on the internet. Each of the wallpaper here has a very cool and different styled Ubuntu icon! Enjoy =)

Full Screen Wallpaper


Creative Clock Designs

These days are the days of designers I could say. Let’s take example from the most usual things around us, the clock. Designers can tweak the design in such an ingenioous way that they still keep the clock functioning but in a different point of design view.

Let’s see what strange, creative designs that have been done by those designers.