The evolution of Hard Disk Drive

The Hard Disk Drive (HDD) is a very important part of any computer where information is stored and retrieved.
Dated back to 1956, the first ever HDD, the so - called 305 RAMAC (Random Access Method of Accounting and Control) was manufactured by IBM which radically revolutionized the way of data storage. This system could store only five MB (equivalent to 2.000 pages of text with 2,500 characters per page) and was a monstrosity - weighed 1 ton with fifty disks of 24 – inch diameter. Moreover, in average, RAMAC’s price/MB was US $10,000. It is unbelievable if comparing with today HDDs’ price.

As the age advanced, the size of the HDDs decreased and storage capacity increased. HDD with 750 GB storage capacity and 3.5 inch diameter storage disk weighs only a few ounces. The price/GB is also very cheap (around 0.37 US$ /GB).

Moreover, HDDs nowadays have not only being used in computers, but also also in consumer electronic devices such as: Cameras, handphones…

Obfuscated C Code Contest

The International Obfuscated C Code Contest is a contest for people to write unusual C code to stress test the C compiler. It is a very interesting competition where people submit their C codes for judging. In this entries I would like to highlight some winning entries which manage to organize their code as a very nice image yet meaningful to the content that the code generated ( like n! entry ). Enjoy!!!


According to the author, the program below is a small ray-tracer and does not use any C keywords (shocked!) as a program using keywords when printing will need to use more ink because of the boldness of the keywords. You can also see the word IOCCC RAY hidden in the midst of the code. Very inspiring! More details about this winning entry could be found here

X=1024; Y=768; A=3;

"31/531/53"[b ]-64;S=b<22?9:0;D=2;}I(x,Y,X){Y?(X^=Y,X*X>x?(X^=Y):0,  I (x,Y/2,X
)):(E=X);      }H(x){I(x,    _,0);}p;q(        c,x,y,z,k,l,m,a,          b){F(c
);x-=E*M     ;y-=S*M           ;z-=C*M         ;b=x*       x/M+         y*y/M+z
*z/M-D*D    *M;a=-x              *k/M     -y*l/M-z        *m/M;    p=((b=a*a/M-
b)>=0?(I    (b*M,_      ,0),b    =E,      a+(a>b      ?-b:b)):     -1.0);}Z;W;o
(c,x,y,     z,k,l,    m,a){Z=!    c?      -1:Z;c     <44?(q(c,x         ,y,z,k,
l,m,0,0     ),(p>      0&&c!=     a&&        (p<W         ||Z<0)          )?(W=
p,Z=c):     0,o(c+         1,    x,y,z,        k,l,          m,a)):0     ;}Q;T;
U;u;v;w    ;n(e,f,g,            h,i,j,d,a,    b,V){o(0      ,e,f,g,h,i,j,a);d>0
&&Z>=0? (e+=h*W/M,f+=i*W/M,g+=j*W/M,F(Z),u=e-E*M,v=f-S*M,w=g-C*M,b=(-2*u-2*v+w)
,Z,0,0),Q/=2,T/=2,       U/=2,V=V<22?7:  (V<30?1:(V<38?2:(V<44?4:(V==44?6:3))))
,Q+=V&1?b:0,T                +=V&2?b        :0,U+=V    &4?b:0)     :(d==P?(g+=2
,j=g>0?g/8:g/     20):0,j    >0?(U=     j    *j/M,Q      =255-    250*U/M,T=255
-150*U/M,U=255    -100    *U/M):(U    =j*j     /M,U<M           /5?(Q=255-210*U
/M,T=255-435*U           /M,U=255    -720*      U/M):(U       -=M/5,Q=213-110*U
/M,T=168-113*U    /       M,U=111               -85*U/M)      ),d!=P?(Q/=2,T/=2
,U/=2):0);Q=Q<    0?0:      Q>O?     O:          Q;T=T<0?    0:T>O?O:T;U=U<0?0:
U>O?O:U;}R;G;B    ;t(x,y     ,a,    b){n(M*J+M    *40*(A*x   +a)/X/A-M*20,M*K,M
*L-M*30*(A*y+b)/Y/A+M*15,0,M,0,P,  -1,0,0);R+=Q    ;G+=T;B   +=U;++a<A?t(x,y,a,
/A/A,B/A/A),r(x+1,y)):0;}s(y){r(0,--y?s(y),y:y);}main(){printf("P6\n%i %i\n255"

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HTTP Status Code

Recently I was working around with a lot of HTTP status code. Thinking this table will be useful for every web developer as references.

Status Code Status Message
1xx Informational
100 Continue
101 Switching Protocols
102 Processing
2xx Success
200 OK
201 Created
202 Accepted
203 Non-Authoritative Information
204 No Content
205 Reset Content
206 Partial Content
207 Multi-Status
226 IM Used
3xx Redirection
300 Multiple Choices
301 Moved Permanently
302 Found
303 See Other
304 Not Modified
305 Use Proxy
307 Temporary Redirect
4xx Client Error
400 Bad Request
401 Unauthorized
402 Payment Required
403 Forbidden
404 Not Found
405 Method Not Allowed
406 Not Acceptable
407 Proxy Authentication Required
408 Request Timeout
409 Conflict
410 Gone
411 Length Required
412 Precondition Failed
413 Request Entity Too Large
414 Request-URI Too Long
415 Unsupported Media Type
416 Requested Range Not Satisfiable
417 Expectation Failed
422 Unprocessable Entity
423 Locked
424 Failed Dependency
426 Upgrade Required
5xx Server Error
500 Internal Server Error
501 Not Implemented
502 Bad Gateway
503 Service Unavailable
504 Gateway Timeout
505 HTTP Version Not Supported
507 Insufficient Storage
510 Not Extended

220 Absolutely Stunning Nature Photos

I can not resist when I saw those pictures. They are really beautiful, inspiring and refreshing. You will be deep into the green of leaves, the full of color from flowers and fruits, the beauty of the beaches, the roman from the lake and mountain, the blossom of the spring and even the cold of the white winter. This is really a gift for those who love nature.

Colorful flowers and green leaves

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Evolution of the logo

Logo of the companies do evolve too over the time. Lets see what we got for the collection:

evolution logo

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49 Amazing Hand Painting Arts

In this article, I would like to share some very nice hand art pictures where people manage to use their hands to mimic almost all the animals as well as a lot of cute human gestures. Together with some paintings on the hand, the artist has made their hands become so interactive and so real.


A very cute band director using right hand

Prepare to run using two hands

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Inspiring, Remarkable Chair Designs

Chair has become one of our daily encounters, in offices, dining rooms or even in our own cubicles. Knowing this, designers are putting more efforts on inventing inspiring, fresh ideas for chair design.

Fubiz Creative Chair

One of those remarkable designs is this drawer chair. Besides functioning as a place to sit, this chair can also be utilized as a drawer. Very inspiring as I could say.

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The Art of 3D Mural Architecture

Last time I have introduced to you two very famous 3D street artists: Julian Beever and Kurt Wenner. Now, it is very nice that I have discovered one more talented artist and would like to share with you. He is Eric Grohe who is very famous for transforming murals on building into amazing and spectacular illusions of 3D far-reaching spaces and scene with full of depth and inspiration.

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24 Nice Web Design Icons

This is the showcase for icon collections, that web developers and designer can use them for their work. The requirements of the icons for web will be more about simplicity, understandable metaphor and also light weight. I have collected the icons link below, these collection is strictly for web developer and its free.

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Google Chrome Beta Review

I have downloaded and tried out Google Chrome just after it releases. The first feeling is that Google Chrome interface is nice and eyes pleasing. They layout is simple enough to be used as Google Chrome manages to eliminate Search Bar, Menu Bar.

The main layout uses dark blue color for the tab background and light blue for tabs themselves. One quite new thing in Google Chrome interface is that Google Chrome puts the tab over the address bar instead of under address bar like what other web browsers are doing. Overall, I am quite comfortable with this new browser although I have only used for about half a day.

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